Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Good Morning/ Good Evening

I'm not really one for long introductions and I truly believe that the opinion you make about someone within the first 30 seconds of being introduced, is that which will last a lifetime .. so how am I doing so far?
I'm Sarah, 21 years of age and residing in Birmingham, UK. I rarely ever smile in selfies but I'm an extremely happy person ...
Enough about me, time to focus on YOU. I welcome YOU to my blog with open arms. If you're like me (a social media freak) then this is the perfect hub for you. Being a great procrastinator I want to share with you how I interact with Our Generation today. I feel privileged to be part of a generation of young aspirational entrepreneurs all needing to put our stamp on the world, all through different notions of expression (fashion, art, writing, poetry, eating, making music, singing, dancing etc.).
My main focus will be fashion as that is where the passion is, it's finally time to put my hours of trawling online shopping sites and spending all my wages on new finds for my wardrobe, to good use. All outfits will be tagged with where I got them from, so if you're feeling inspired then I've done the hard work for you! So here's to sitting at my laptop on Wednesday 24th June at 02:05 am to bring to you endless posts that I promise you will never bore of.
It's Summer 2015 and its time we all shared and expressed with on another. Peace, love and Happiness, Sarah xoxo