Thursday, 26 November 2015

Black Friday, My Way.

Black Friday means only one thing for me, winter is no longer coming (GOT fans this line is for you) .. winter is bloody well here. By this time tomorrow, the orderly queues that us Brits are famous for will be suspended for one day, security will have gone into hiding, the shops will have been raided, headlines of how two customers fought to the death for 10% off a TV will have surged across Twitter and in the midst of all this … I will remain indoors; blinds closed, doors locked, lights off, under the covers, hiding from all you crazy folk. Now, I’m no stranger to a bargain item (see last blog post as an example) but even I, Queen of the discount, cannot bare the thought of shopping during black Friday.

5 Winter Warmers:

From Left to Right. Coats 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

5 Boots That Were Made For Walking:

From Left to Right. Boots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

5 "IT" Jumpers:

From Left to Right. Boots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

5 Fave Textures: 

From Left to Right. Textures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

It does pain me a little that I could possibly miss out on a £10 leather tote bag from Topshop or £20 Carvela’s from Kurt Geiger, but not so much thanks to the wonderful, amazing, brilliant, spectacular (you get what I mean) thing that is online shopping. No need to stress over the fact that it’s freezing outside and suddenly in the mass of all the people you will become overheated in your fur coat and wooly hat, leaving you feeling like one of those people at the front row of a Justin Beiber concert (FAINT ALERT). No, instead you can join in on all the fun from the security of your own bed (or your work desk, whilst you pretend you’re actually doing your job.)

The only issue I have with online shopping during this day is that the traffic for access onto all these sites will be at an all-time high causing SLOW INTERNET, to avoid this plan ahead a little. Today, before midnight when the surge will start, copy and paste the links to all the items you’d like to purchase. Come Friday, paste all these links back into the search bar and get adding your items to your basket (quickly before they sell out!). Once you’ve done this make sure you add the promotion code which will probably be provided and you’re ready to go, simple. The only thing to look out for is that on certain websites Black Friday promo codes will not be valid for items that are already in the sale, so make sure you check this out on the details before you purchase. Please also note that some websites will just automatically put a lot of items into a sale (some which may be in your wish list), so a promotion code will not need to be used.

Now, if you’re with me, and hooked on this idea as much as I am, then I have made all of this even easier for you. Below I have given you some information on which online shops will be offering discounts and above a pick of my Top 30 Black Friday Items with links provided. 30 pieces of clothing, shoes, bags or accessories that will see you through to this New Year, now that winter and Christmas is truly here (no rhyme intended) …

Where to Shop This Black Friday:
Ark – 30% off everything (includes sale, no code needed)
Asos – 20% off everything (includes sale and started already, use code CYBER)
Boohoo – Up to 50% off everything
Chi Chi London – 25% off
F&F @ Tesco – Up to 50% off (starting Thursday @ Midnight)
Macy’s – 30-50% off most items (already started)
Mallzee – Extra 10% on top of the retailers (River island, Topshop etc) offers
Matalan – ½ Price Sale (already started)
Missguided – Discounts on everything
New Look – Up to 40% off (already started)
Pretty Little Thing – Up to 50% off all Lines
Selfridges – 20% off everything (already started, use code SELFCCE)
Topshop – up 50% off party dresses promoted by Gigi Hadid
Urban Outfitters – Up to 50% off (already started) – 10% off all watches and Jewellery, 20% off cheapest item if two or more items are bought
Whistles – 20% off everything (starting Thursday)