Saturday, 5 December 2015

Is it because I'm a Londoner?

I don't know about all of you, but I always feel so much more at ease with my style when in London .. as though I could walk down the street in nothing but a neon green leotard and no one would even consider it strange. I love the atmosphere in London, the day to night, always on the go attitude combined with a massive population means if you want to stand out and be noticed you have to be bold. Being bold however, is not always about wearing the craziest things, but its about adding something a little extra to something neutral to give it a whole new meaning. Continue scrolling to see how i've worked with a dress-up/dress-down outfit to make your winter London wardrobe a little daring yet defiant. Get ready to lap up the attention darlings!

The Details: 

// New Era Cap - Asos // Mesh Embroidered Top - Asos // Camel Coat - F&F @ Tesco // Black Skinny Jeans - Noisy May @ Asos // Nike Roshe Trainers - Asos // Letter Chain Necklace - Miss Selfridge // Arm Cuff - 
// Dogtooth Print Back Pack - //