Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Cap-oholic's Anonymous

If you've followed the link from my instagram to find out where on earth you can get a £6 Adidas cap from, then keep on scrolling. The most inexpensive hidden gems are always found in the strangest of places. I find nothing more exhilarating than finding amazing pieces in shops that you usually wouldn't think twice about looking in (is this sad? Yes). Surprise, surprise, the cap is bloody well pink! My last few posts have prevailed a current pink addiction and yet again I'm shoving it all at you (sorry not sorry). Reasons why I love caps; they are very this season, they protect you from the sun, they are the perfect accessory if you don't like jewellery, they hide bad hair days, they hide bad face days, they hide you from people you wish to avoid human contact with .. you get what I mean. Since purchasing my first New York Yankees cap last year I have been ADDICTED! I am Sarah and I am a Cap-oholic.

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The Details:

// Pink Adidas Cap - Sports Direct // Scuba Slogan Hoodie - Forever 21 // Fine Ribbed Grey Midi Skirt - Pretty Little Thing // Pink Trainers - Pretty Little Thing  //