Saturday, 16 April 2016

Frames For Days

Okay, let's SPEC-ulate. I am OBSESSED with the "Nerdess" look at the moment. Give me some specs, braids and metal in my mouth and I'm good to go. I'm all for making the most out of a look that has been put into an "unfashionable" category for so long. If you do it right, there's style and beauty in everything. So many clothing outlets have seemed to adopt this idea and are recreating pieces and looks that would've made you look "uncool" not so long ago. The idea is to pick one "nerdy" item and work it up with a this season look. For this look in particular I've used some geek chic frames to pair with an oversized tee in the rose pink colour we all love and then some nude classic reeboks to make the outfit super casual and comfy. Embrace the look Nerdesses.

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The Details:

// Clear Lens Glasses - Primark // Rose Pink T-shirt Dress - Pretty Little Thing // Fringed Boho Bag - H&M // Reebok Classic Lux High Top Trainers - Reebok @ Asos  //