Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Turtle Bay A Day Keeps The Raining Away

When the sun is out in England (for about half a day once a year) we all just go crazy for it. If you're not spending every human moment possible outdoors absorbing the 25 degree heat then question yo'selfffffff.
 The past few days have seen incredible weather (needless to say the forecast for the days following this post is not so pretty). So in true British style I whipped on a pair of shorts and headed out for a day of drinking in the sun; perfect. No one wants to feel claustrophobic when it's hot so a simple plain tee paired with some comfy seasonal shorts will keep you beer garden ready. Of course I topped the outfit off with a back pack, some new trainers (the collection continues) and my new Daisy Dixon watch. P.s my thumb and a knife fell out so don't mind the blue plaster; maybe i'm starting a new trend here?

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Similar - original from Primark
Similar - original from Primark
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