Saturday, 11 February 2017

14th Feb Vibes. Cheesy cards, Drake feelings and clothes that won't stay on very long. It's the most wonderful time of the year (if you have a bae), yes it's Valentines Day! Whether you love, hate, diss or rate, Valentines is taking over. Having been single for over 3 years myself until recently, Valentines never really phased me. Instead of wallowing in self pity at the fact that the closest thing to a date I got was an accidental meal with my a co-worker one lunch, I would delve into some serious online retail therapy instead (it's a scientifically proven cure for loneliness, kinda). So whether you have no boo, or 10, we all know one thing for sure, clothes will never leave you. 

Missguided is just THAT place to shop for ANY occasion. Just a "little" wishlist for you all to lust over, enjoy.