The Truth About Instagram

 Dear Readers, Dear Blog, Let's talk about it. I'm sorry I left, it wasn't you, it was me, but if you could have me back I'd be eternally grateful. 
So, I guess this means I'm back then. I have been itching to get back to where this whole game initially started. 2017 was a whirlwind for me which preceded in me being self employed through the likes of Youtube and Instagram. My blog, although my initial path and the thing I loved doing most, gradually started to deteriorate as the things bringing my income "Youtube & Instagram" took centre stage. The photos on my blog just weren't up to scratch and I'd hardly write anything anymore (the bit I loved most). So all together I just stopped and kept myself busy with everything else. 

Youtube I must say, I love. I feel like I have the the best bunch of subscriber's of which all feel like my friend's. It's honestly the best way of being real. Instagram on the other hand is a bit of a roller-coaster. I started off the beginning of last year posting 3 times a day almost every day, I was absolutely loving it. And then the Instagram unimaginable happened. Dare I say it, dare I name he/she who should not be named, The Algorithm/Voldemort. 

Literally, if I had £1 for every time I heard an influencer complain about The Instagram Algorithm switch up, I'd have a castle, yacht and 10 ponies to choose from. But, being an influencer myself I completely sympathise. How dare instagram take away chronological order!? I'm a Virgo and the OCD with disorganisation is real. Picture's on my timeline from 5 days ago .. just stop. But yes, big influencer's or small, it seems to of effected everybody. 

At first it was slightly annoying but I always promised myself not to take "Instagram" too seriously and just enjoy it while I could. I have no idea why Instagram decided to make these changes but I can't be angry at Instagram. At no point has Instagram ever just been a way for influencers to make a career. I signed no contracts, I had no promises made, I do it as and when I please and I just always remember that it's an added bonus as and when any extra benefit's are given because of this platform. 

Don't get me wrong, in all honesty, 99% of people (myself included) are probably disheartened by a picture that doesn't do well. Even more so now the Instagram engagement is down. It can also feel slightly embarrassing when you're promoting for a brand and you find yourself constantly checking to see how it's doing, whilst being fully aware how stupid this all is. To the point where I know I've asked myself "is it even worth it?". Not in the sense of I'm throwing my toys out the pram at Instagram, but more of a reality check. 

Although Instagram is fab and has provided me with some of the best opportunities, you really can't take it seriously and unfortunately habits like posting 3 times a day are eventually going to drain your soul. It's hard to be "real" on Instagram and it's hard not to compare yourself to everybody else doing the same thing as you. I read an article of a blogger saying the "blogger market" was over-saturated, and whilst it perhaps rubbed some up the wrong way, there's truth in it. Anybody can be an influencer and there is definitely room for everyone to do it as there are endless brands to work with. The struggle is standing out in a field of so many. 

So for anyone hoping to pursue a career using Instagram go for it! Be you but just beware. If you look good in the eyes of society you will instantly do well. Being real and wanting to reveal a little more depth than just how you look will definitely see engagement but the process will definitely be slower, but rewarding none the less.

I guess my point is, for me, the negatives of Instagram are constantly outweighed by the positives. Yes, if I upload 3 pictures a day every day my engagement decreases, but hey maybe I'll just post a little less and be more selective. From the start of this year I will only be working with brands I truly love and will only be posting stuff I am obsessing over and I think I like that notion. I can suffocate you all in clothes via youtube hauls, Instagram for me is definitely going to be a place of quality over quantity. 

Another positive, although taking on less work it means the brands that I do work with will get extra special time and attention. And speaking of time I will have more time to again focus on my beloved blog that has been neglected for too long. I've also invested in a new camera lens to make sure my blog photos are as I want them and I'm just so excited to get stuck back in. 

Basically Instagram changing has been a blessing in disguise for me. A simple reminder that you should never rely on something that was never implemented in the first place. I'll still continue to use Instagram of course and maybe learn to love it again. But for now my eggs will be evenly shared amongst all baskets. Just call me an Influencer Whore. 



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  1. I LOVE that photo of you at the top of this post. You look beautiful in it.
    If I had an Instagram account I would definitely Follow you there, however -
    I am not on Instagram because they are owned by Facebook, because of their proven anti-woman bias (they censored an ACLU post on censorship because it contained a photo of a classic nude statue that had breasts) their wrongful automated censorship issues (censoring a photo of a cake because its algorithm thought the icing looked like nipples), their lack of a practical appeals process, and the way they datamine and sell their users' information.
    They do not censor photos showing men's nipples.
    I have no doubt they would discriminate against me (as YouTube already has) since many of my photos feature me male-modelling women's full brief nylon panties (back view only).
    I LOVE the name for the new Instagram algorithm - The Algorithm/Voldemort (ROTFLMAO).
    Even though I won't be on instagram,'I LOVE your blog posts, your YouTube videos, and your Tweets on Twitter (except that Tweets of Instagram photos don't show up for me).
    Happy influencing! You're gorgeous!

    My blog: Full Brief Panties
    My YouTube: misterpantybuns Channel videos
    My Twitter: @Panty_Buns