Why Can I Never Dress In Mid-Season?

Holy Jesus, February is a few days away. It's still flippin' cold and the weather is continuously switching between rain and fake sun, so what the hell do I wear!? 

I always seem to have the same damn problem every mid-season. Shops are a mix of sales and fab new in pieces ready for the next season that are totally inappropriate for the one you're still in. Can I really get away with a Broderie Anglaise Sun Dress when its -2 degrees? 

Admittedly, I have even scrolled back a few months on my Instagram just to see around which point last year I was able to wear my Spring Wardrobe (the results drawn were late March/April). First World Problems. Sigh. 

I feel like the amazing Spring/Summer Trends are all just waiting around the corner and before they all inundate me and cause my rail to break for the millionth time, I'm just going to play around with a whole lot of random. 

For this look I've thrown together a lot of my fave key-trends from Winter. Fur, plaid, turtle necks, boots (how much do these ones scream, Rachel from Friends est, 2003?) and need I say it, Gucci damn gang. 

So moral of the story, wherever you get your inspo from when suffering from mid-season madness, just remember, fashion is there to be played with and enjoyed and most notably, if the outfit does turn out to be beyond awful, well then at least it will give us all something to laugh about in 5 years time. 


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