Lip Filler Stigma

“You’re beautiful as you are.” If only I had a pound for every time. 

Firstly, before I start rambling on, please can I just state that almost 99% of topics like this are completely subjective and in turn is opinion, not fact. Please do not let anyone/me try and change your mind on a subject like this based on their/my opinion. Please base your decision on thorough research taking into account all facts. I’m solely writing this regarding my own experience as a little self-help for anyone who has ever wanted to do it themselves.  

SO, two paragraphs in and I still haven't got to the point, typical Sarah. Lets talk Lip Fillers! When telling someone about something you plan to change, whether it be your appearance or not, I often find their “opinion” has a somewhat narcissistic undertone, one that is not quite as impartial as they may have you believe. 

“I want to get lip fillers” was a topic that reigned in 100’s of conflicting opinions. “You’re beautiful as you are” “But what if it goes wrong” “They’ll be too big” “You’re black so you don’t need them” (lol) took up the majority and then there were a small minority (alot may I add, who had had lip fillers themselves), who were all for it as long as I was going to the right place. 

To be honest, out of the cynics who are so anti you making changes to YOUR face I feel like only a few are genuinely concerned about your well-being. A hint of jealousy perhaps? God forbid I get an enhancement and actually look good. I just can’t understand how you can be so emotionally erratic  about what someone else does with their appearance? Yes there’s the self love argument, but to be honest I am completely capable of enjoying how I look and wanting to tweak things here and there too. If lip fillers weren't an option, would it ruin my life? No. Are they an option? Yes. Did I want them? Yes. Did I get them? Yes. Do I Love them? HELL YES.  

I remember in December topping up my lip liner and gloss in the toilets of a club and someone asking me if I had lip fillers. Half of me loved being like “nope they’re natural” while the other half felt like a bit of a fraud because with the amount of lip liner I had on they did not mirror the natural appearance of my lip at all.

When I told most people that I’d “got my lips done”, there was a lot of confusion and squinting and “I can’t see the difference”. Hallelujah! For me fillers weren’t necessarily to make my lips noticeably bigger, as I quite like the size of my lips, but more to alter the shape. I’ll insert some pictures for you. 


My issue was with the way one side of my top lip was smaller than the other and my top lip in general was smaller than my bottom. Looking at my Instagram feed you won’t be able to see a drastic change if any at all because I would over line my top lip EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Over lining: 

It was just a habit I got into doing. Going to the pool? Let me me just over line. Grabbing the post? Let me just over line. I did’t even think twice about doing it and had been doing so for 3 years straight. I clearly enjoyed the appearance of more symmetrical lips and the older I got the less time I had to be messing around with makeup every morning, it was time for a permanent fix. 

So where did I go? There are so many places to choose from and enough horror stories of bad fillers to put you off, so I didn’t do it for a long time. I had a couple of places approach me in regards to giving me lip fillers in return for some exposure on my youtube, but I politely declined because I just didn’t feel in touch with the brand. 

I started having laser hair removal at Premier Laser Skin Clinic 3 months ago and it was literally the best thing I started in 2017. I’ve done a video all about it here. I love Premier Laser Skin Clinic and after seeing such good results, my sister and a couple of friends are now on the path to being a laser hair removal convert. So when they approached me about lip fillers, it just felt right. It was a place that I felt comfortable at and that I trusted. It was definitely time. Not to mention they currently have 10% off lip fillers across February! So now would be the best time to book in!  

I saw Aida at Premier and instantly felt relaxed. She was so calm and the consultation put me at ease answering any questions I had. I told her that I didn’t want anything too dramatic and we agreed that I would have 0.5mm of filler in my top lip and I would have more on the side that was smaller. 

The pain. Did it hurt? Honestly, not as much as I thought. Firstly she applied numbing cream all over my lips which is a massive help. Then it hurt for all of about 0.5 seconds when the needle first pierced the skin (kind of like a gum injection if you’ve ever had a filling, but even then not as bad), but whilst the needle was in there it didn’t really hurt at all and nor did it when the needle was drawn out. I can’t compare it to any other places as I’ve only had my lips done there, but I was so pleased that it wasn’t unbearable. One other thing to note is that the injections were done above the lip on the “moustache” area and then angled down onto the lip, rather than directly on the lip.

In total there were only five injections, for some reason I had it in my head that it would take half an hour of lots of injections but it was literally done within 5 minutes. After every injection Aida showed me what it looked like to make sure I was happy with what she was doing. I was so happy already! I couldn’t believe how such a little change was already making such a difference to my lips and even the expression on my face. My Resting Bitch Face was disappearing too, sad I know. 

So five minutes later there I was with lips that were perfect to me. Such a slight change but something that instantly built my confidence and instantly saw me save lots of pennies on buying excessive amounts of lip liners. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results, which you can see for yourself. I had no pain after the appointment and no bruising, swelling or lumps either. They were literally just like my lips. Of course with fillers always bare in mind that they are temporary. After a while your body will start to naturally dissolve them and you will need them topped up ever 12 months or so. So worth it in my opinion. 

Before:                                                                                                    After:

Over lining before filler:                      No Overlining After Filler:

Women AND men have been altering their appearance as far back as I can see and all cultures enhance things in a different way to appear as they deem desirable. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and whilst you may wear blue to bring out the colour of your eyes, or whether you die your hair darker because it suits your skin tone, whether we want to admit it or not we are all guilty of enhancing things about ourselves to be what we deem as more desirable. And rightly so, it’s nice to be desired, its part of what makes this crazy world go round. If you want to make a slight change, then why not? Break the stigma and rather than telling the next person NOT to do something, perhaps consider helping them make the best educated and informed decision that would make them happy. 

Of course, life is not only about aesthetics and there are obviously more things that I worry about in life than my lips. BUT, getting fillers was a decision I made across a few months and a decision that I was happy with. One thing I can say is that I definitely didn’t get lip fillers for anyone else, if I was doing anything for anyone else then retrospectively, the only reason I’d have for not getting them done was through fear of judgement from all the Judgie Mc Judgerson’s. And that my friends, is never a reason to not do something.

So I’ll end this post on saying that whatever reason you want to alter anything or just your lips for, create your own evaluation and if the positives are screaming at you, then bloody well do it. 


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