A b o u t M e

Return of the blog! I started this baby 3 years and across that time I still haven't quite figured it out. Seriously though, what the hell is coding and why does it exist? Not to mention my boyfriend still takes my pictures and I'm pretty sure (99.99999%) that I'll be the only one reading all of this! BUT, with months off from posting anything at all, I thought I'd just start it all again.

Having focused on Youtube and Instagram for a year and reaping the rewards, I felt it was time to come back to my home ground. From starting all of this because it was a pretty autumn day and I'd just figured out self-timer on my camera to being full to the brim of new ideas I'm just in the mindset of "f*ck it", here we go (again)!

I never know how to go around about me's, cue every teacher ever filling your entirety with aniexty when saying "So, tell the whole class something interesting about yourself". I'm pretty sure there are some fun facts/stories I have to share but I guess you'll see most of them across the course this blog will run. For now let me just be slightly tedious and bullet point some bits:

Born 24th August 1993
Summer Over Winter ..
.. But Big Coats Over Bikini's
Bajan Heritage
Laugh Over Anything and Everything


You see, point 6 in and I found my eyes wondering my room and my brain switch its flip. For anything more I guess you'll just have to wait and see. To be quite frank I'm a pretty "normal" gal who loves clothes. If that's a bit of you, then stay tuned.

Love you all, you're all fab.